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Easter Treat Bar

I love Spring. What’s not to love? Gorgeous flowers, bright foliage, the promise of a fresh new start just around the corner. I LOVE Spring, in the same way that a field mouse might love a barn cat. You see, I adore all things Spring…all things, that is, except the pollen. In the South, we get dogwoods, beautiful wisteria, cherry trees, redbuds, tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, lilies, and glorious gorgeous greenery bursting into verdant splendor everywhere you look, but for me the splendor also ushers in my arch nemesis; pollen. Pollen on every surface of every item I own. So, I enjoy Spring but typically with the assistance of a good antihistamine. (Ha! Take THAT, pollen!)IMG_0228IMG_0227IMG_0225IMG_0224The treat barIMG_0222IMG_0221IMG_0220IMG_0219IMG_0218

I usually have a casual get-together every Spring, typically around Easter, to celebrate spring, maybe dye Easter eggs with the kiddos and sit on the back porch sipping lemonade and reminiscing with the family. I put together a little sample of my typical spread, including a pink lemonade concentrate that is AMAZING poured over sparkling mineral water (recipe included).

I think including Spring flowers just makes everything feel more…peppy? Sometimes I cut flowering branches from the dogwoods, this time I just purchased potted versions of some spring blooms because I wanted to plant them in our growing front garden after they complete their blooming cycle. The large cake stand is from Home Goods and the little one is a vintage inspired pressed glass pretty that I picked up at an antique store. I ordered the colorful paper straws on Amazon here, and the little bunny card holders, believe it or not, came from Target’s dollar section! Whaaaaat? Yup. My bathroom and kitchen remodel is FINALLY complete so there will be posts to follow regarding that process and some of the design choices I made. Thanks for stopping by, and, as always, take time to be kind.

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