Antiques Booth

Boothy Update

     By now you know that I have a little antiques booth at the Greenbriar, (I shared a little bit about it here) but I haven’t updated you in a while on that experience so I thought I would take a minute to do that. There is a pretty steep learning curve involved in having a booth like mine, many little surprises along the way (who knew dish towels and tea towels were in such high demand, anyway?!) and I feel like my bank of knowledge and the tools in my toolkit have been multiplying exponentially since taking on this challenge.

      I made some small improvements to the aesthetics of my booth itself and have put out several new pieces of furniture, new decor items, and lighting, and the results have been mostly positive and well received. 

     My little Bunbun starts school this coming August and I’m hoping that, with the ever-so-slight increase in free time, I will be able to commit more time to refinishing projects and blog posts, because as it currently stands, spare time is scarce, y’all! I have decided to part with my GORGEOUS antique farmhouse table, it’s so pretty and the patina and natural aging of it still make my heart flutter, but it’s quite large and sometimes you have to let go of the old to make room for the new (write that down y’all!). With everything going on at the Crowder house these days, a little change goes a long way though, so I think I will be in the market for some refinishing pieces soon (tell my husband to stop trying to make me get rid of things to which I am irrationally attached! Ha!).

     Since starting the booth, I added some creamy distressed finish paneling to cover up that awful pegboard, I added some “brick” columns that lend themselves more towards the “Belgian Countryside” vibe that I’m really into right now (and more in line with the direction my booth will be heading as I gradually sell off my current inventory), and I added some lamps, although, assuming they will sell, those won’t stick around for long, with any luck. 

     This week I decided to adjust some prices to make room for several new items I’m working on and before I did that, I wanted to share the current iteration of the booth before it evolves yet again. Let me know what you think, follow me for updates, and, as always, be kind to one another!

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