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A Minty Little Table

I picked this little table up and loved it right away. You know how when you meet someone new and you can just tell that they have seen some stuff? Well, this table was just like that, it had seen a few things. It was coated with this awful cherry-ish stain that had almost been thrown onto it Jackson Pollock style, and someone had painted over the lovely antique brass casters. I knew I could give it some love and make it special again. And I can honestly say that by the time I was finished, I didn't want to put it in my booth. It matches my daughter's nursery perfectly and I ended up loving it. If it hasn't sold the next time I check out my booth, I may be bringing it back home again!

NOW, all that having been said, I was so excited to get started on this piece that I committed the cardinal sin of blogging and COMPLETELY forgot to take a before picture of this lil guy so I'm going to have to ask you to use your extraordinary imaginations. Close your eyes and imagine it! Do it! Okay that's enough imagining.

I began, as usual, by de-cobweb-ifying (trademark pestle and wick 2017) and wiping the entire piece top to bottom, inside and out, with denatured alcohol. I then lightly sanded the entire piece to give it a little "tooth", wiped it down again with D.A. and, after it dried completely, lay down one coat of primer. The following day I painted it with two coats of this lovely light minty color, which I am in love with right now. The little table cured for 2 days and then I lay down a thin coat of poly and voilà! Once I put the little glass top back in, it was perfect! The only other thing I did was lightly deglaze the sweet little brass casters with acetone and a cotton swab to get rid of the old stain/paint that someone had carelessly slathered them with.

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