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A Little Bathroom Bauble for the Mermaid Enthusiast

I bought these little wooden signs at The craft supply when they were on clearance, at the time, I didn’t know what I would do with them but they were too good of a deal to walk past.

I decided to paint a little sign for the bathroom to go in my booth simply because I had a set of nautical themed robe hooks and I wanted something to hang on it.

I began by lightly sanding the surface and then wiping it down with alcohol.

Once dry I applied a coat of primer

and then lay down a base coat of a semi translucent aqua and immediately applied a sandy beige glaze to go over it by mixing paint with glazing liquid.

After that I hand painted the lettering on it and it had to dry overnight afterwards.

To finish it off I applied a burnt umber and rust colored glaze in the corners to age and distress it just a bit. I used rope from ace hardware to tie a sailor’s knot and hung it. Easy Peasy!!

A quick project for a weekend! Let me know what you think? Any mermaids in your life? My oldest daughter would happily switch places with Ariel if she could.

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